All about Poison Ivy In One Infographic

    Can you name one plant that causes allergic reactions to over 85% of the worlds population when coming into contact with it?  Something just as simple as brushing against its leaves or touching an object that has touched its leaves can leave your skin irritated and miserable for days.

    Poison Ivy, Poison Sumac, & Poison Sumac are poisonous plants that dwell in most parts of the United States and can easily find itself in your back yard.  Without knowing its whereabouts or its defining characteristics, this can certainly ruin a weekend if infected–over 50 million Americas fall victim to these plants each year.

    Redness, constant itching, and-in some severe cases-blistering are all side effects of the allergic reaction that can be caused by coming into contact with these plants and not taking the proper actions to rid oneself of the infection.

    So next time you are curious about an odd ivy on your property or an awkward looking green on your stroll through the Great outdoors, keep these helpful hints in mind before grabbing what could be an itchy mistake.

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