Vertical Garden Ideas

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    A vertical garden is a way to save space and make something beautiful

    I adore that human who thought and invented vertical gardening (ridges). It’s so space-saving and good looking actually. In these vertical gardens, you can grow vegetables, herbs, flowers, and strawberries. So today we will talk about cheap and hand-made vertical ridges.

    vertical garden
    vertical garden

    Pyramid type garden

    The most common vertical gardening – the pyramid. This kind of gardening allows you to grow many kinds of herbs or vegetables in small places. Each pyramid level is smaller than the previous one. In the top level, you can grow for example garlic, in next level strawberries in the next one sorrels, and in the next one small flowers.

    This is the best way to grow strawberries in small places. It will look beautiful too. The pros for pyramid gardening are that it’s good-looking, easy to maintain, fewer weeds and bugs.

    vertical garden
    vertical garden

    The easiest way to build vertical gardening is to make a big box, then make a narrower box, and on and on and on. My favorite pyramid garden is like a ladder. The rear wall is flat, and I can put it present in the house or garage wall.

    For example. Make a box, 1.5×1.5m (60inx60in). Then make a box 12in narrower, the next one again 12in narrower. You can use a bigger step if you want, but I suggest not going over 13in. All boxes will have the same length but different widths.

    When you have made all boxes, stain them with wood stain, here you can buy it with different colors.

    When your boxes are stained, screw them together and fill them with clean soil. After that, feel free to plant whatever you want! You can make these boxes in many different sizes and forms. You can not only make a ladder-type or simple pyramid but like this

    vertical garden
    vertical garden

    Pyramid made from tires

    Another way to build a vertical garden. Each tire has a “window” where you are planting a berry or another plant. Tires are simply stacked and in the middle, it has a PVC tube. Through that tube, you are watering this stack. I don’t like it this way because it’s not eco-friendly. But it’s better to make a garden from them not just throw them in the woods or burn them.

    vertical garden from tires
    vertical garden from tires

    But if you ever consider building a garden like this, fill each tire before putting them together. If you stack them before putting soil in you will have a difficult time putting it in. And another thing, in hot weather these tires will smell bad. Color them in bright colors. Feel free to use your imagination.

    vertical garden from tires
    vertical garden from tires

    vertical garden from tires
    vertical garden from tires

    Vertical garden from PVC tubes.

    This is another interesting way to make a small “fence” near your house. It’s easy to build a garden like this, and it’s looking excellent. Strawberries in a garden like this are growing like hell. To make a garden like this, you will need a PVC tube, 1m each. PVC capsĀ for tube ends, steel or nylon cables or mounting, and screws of course.

    vertical garden from tubes
    vertical garden from tubes

    1. Close tube ends with caps
    2. Drill holes for nylon or steel wire. Don’t drill it too big, it will leak water and soil.
    3. Hand each tube in another’s bottom.
    4. Fill with soil
    5. Water it
    6. Plant strawberries.
    7. These are very easy to remove for winter storage. Just unscrew it.

    You can plant the strawberries in a vertically standing tube also.

    Benefits and advantages of using a vertical gardening

    a. You can build a vertical garden almost from anything. Just use your imagination and DIY!

    b. Vertical gardening is ideal for small areas, like a balcony.

    c. They are easy to take care of them. Its size and form are easy to pull out and its height is great too, you don’t need to crawl or bend down to plant or weed.

    d. Birds don’t like vertical gardening. They think it’s not an ordinary garden and will not eat your berries.

    e. You can teach some gardening stuff to your childer, he will be interested because it’s very uncommon planting.


    a. Plants should frequently be watered because the soil is less than in a common garden and on a sunny day, the soil will be dry very fast.

    b. Soil needs extra caring. It will not get minerals from the ground so you will need to add them manually.

    c. Only small plants will grow in this type of garden.

    d. In winter the soil will be frozen all over. It means the plants will be 100% dead next year. You have two choices – add new plants every year or disassemble it and store it in a room somewhere.

    After thinking about all these pros and cons, you need to decide if you want a vertical garden, or you do not.


    Vertical strawberry garden
    Vertical strawberry garden

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