How to Start Your Own Garden

    The ability to start your own garden is not a skill that takes years to master, but it does however require some sound planning and preparation to ensure that your garden thrives. Anyone just about anywhere can start their own garden with little more than a small amount of basic knowledge, some good soil and the desire to enjoy the fruits of their labor as their plants flourish to produce beautiful flowers or healthy vegetables. Starting your own garden begins with deciding what types of plants you desire to grow and then performing a bit of self-education to grasp what needs to be done in order for them to help specific plants survive and prosper.

    To start your own garden you need to make certain that the soil you will be using is adequate to support the types of plants that you hope to grow. The best ways to enable this without going overboard and playing junior scientist is to simply ask the good people at your local nursery what measures need to be taken to promote growth of a particular plant species in the local area. Chances are that in most cases the soil treatment will be little more than adding a bag of manure or watering your garden occasionally with a liquid fertilizer.

    How to Start Your Own Garden
    How to Start Your Own Garden

    Once the decision of what types of plants will be used in your garden, it must be determined if the plants will be started from seed or purchased from a garden center. While growing plants from seed is a great deal of fun when you start your own garden it can also be frustrating – seeds may not sprout as planned and people new to gardening can be frustrated at the lack of success. Plants that are purchased can also have positive and negative aspects, as plants that may appear healthy and strong at a garden center may not take well to your home garden. Perhaps the best option to start your own garden is to utilize both plants that you have started from seed and a few purchased plants to guarantee success on some level.

    When the time arrives to plant your own garden follow directions concerning planting and care to the absolute letter. New gardeners tend to kill plants with kindness, so resist the urge to “Mother” your planting when you start your own garden. With good soil, ample sunlight and the necessary amount of hydration your garden should be able to make your proud without the necessity for undue concerns or extreme measures.

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