How to Grow a Container Salsa Garden

    Enjoy Fresh Garden Veggies

    Growing a container garden is something many people, including those living in condos, apartments, those with disabilities or children may love and have fun doing.

    By following simple directions, you should be able to grow enough produce to enjoy all summer.

    Find or purchase a large container. The container should be large enough to grow several plants, not dry out quickly and high enough to make your gardening easier. However, you must also realize the space you have and be sure it will fit.

    Your container garden container should allow for drainage.

    How to Grow a Container Salsa Garden
    How to Grow a Container Salsa Garden

    This means you should have drainage holes in the bottom of your pot, or at least have a layer underneath the soil to absorb excess rainfall or watering. [To protect your deck floor, it’s best to have some type of plastic container under pot to absorb this water drainage.]

    Decide what you enjoy eating and what you want to plant.

    A good selection for a salsa garden includes compact tomato plants – patio type work great, green and hot peppers – depending upon your own tastes, green onions, and herbs that you prefer.

    I would suggest planting a couple of tomato plants, at least two types of peppers, cilantro and green onions at the very minimum.

    How to prepare your container prior to planting.

    Place a layer on the bottom to help with drainage. This can be large pieces of mulch, smashed plastic containers, or even the pots that you plants came in. This will save on the amount of soil you need, also. Then pour best quality garden pot soil into container. This is not a place to skimp. If you do not use good soil, your plants will not be as healthy. Fill your container about 3/4 full of soil.

    Tap plants lightly on side of pot to loosen from their original pots. Plant deeply so they will establish a good rooting system. If you have room, bend your tomato plants and plant almost to the top leaves. If space is limited, just plant very deeply. Add green onion plants or bulbs last. Just stick them into bare spaces in your garden container. You may want or need to add additional soil to fill in and to better cover your plants.

    Care of your salsa garden includes watering almost daily if it does not receive natural rainfall.

    Fertilize your salsa garden with a product such as Miracle Gro at least weekly. Even if your soil contains fertilizer, it is good to use a light fertilization immediately after planting as you water your pot enough so that water drains through the bottom.

    Watch for any little weed seeds that may find room in your salsa garden and pull immediately. If possible, grow your salsa garden in sunshine. Your container garden will produce more tomatoes and peppers if you have at least four hours of direct sunlight. However, if this is not possible, don’t give up. You will just have less produce.

    Suggestions for containers for your salsa garden include bright colored tubs that are often used for holding summer drinks – if you’d like some bright and perky color for your pot. If you prefer natural, go with a wood-look type container that you can find at box or any garden stores. If you see something at a garage sale, or in someone’s garage, ask if you could be its proud new owner. Most of all, have fun with your salsa container garden.

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